The project management tool that’ll organize workflows just the way you want them.


Track time spent and project progress with Craft’s Burndown and Velocity reports.   

Craft’s project management software will help organize your team’s process, communicate and collaborate better. 

Always be optimizing


idea-to-delivery time

Set up workflows

that make sense

Create teams and manage roles; assign items to teams and individuals and eliminate bottlenecks. 

Connect stories to versions and get the most out of Craft’s integrative, end-to-end management experience. 

Task Management made for agile teams

Stay focused on the task at hand by talking, commenting and @mentioning on specific items.

As a project owner, you can build teams in Craft, assign tasks to groups or individual, and track progress flawlessly.

Discuss with the team 

in-app and in context

Make all the cards fall into place with Craft’s visual, flexible, multiple-display roadmaps. Work Kanban or Scrum, connect versions to stories.

Task management just became a breeze

Roadmap your way to a brilliant project

Integrate with your 

favorite tools

Push stories and items to and from JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, TFS and more to avoid redundancies and work comfortably.

Craft is the single source of truth for our product team. In it, we centralize all questions for each third-party and client, and our full backlog. No more time wasted updating Google Spreadsheets and Jira, Craft takes care of it, and allows us to focus on our job, building the right product.

Anys Mechkar - Proximedia allows us to easily collaborate between our product team and the multiple stakeholders involved through 4 countries. We can discuss our ideas and plan our sprints and releases, with the assurance that anyone can easily see and understand what is going on.

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